With my program, you'll realize the power of YOU.


* lessen anxiety from day-to-day stressors

* manage weight issues so you can FEEL your best

* BEAT fatigue & hormone imbalances 

* find the power in exercise

* learn the power of time and how to control your day

* learn to be PRESENT in whatever you're doing
* unlock the power of self care
* nurture your personal relationships and even stop       them from the brink of falling apart

* continue to be the ROCKSTAR that you are at work


Welcome, Mom! 

Are you feeling the pressure to be the best?  Do you strive to be the best at home, with your kids, at work, with your partner, with your friends...all day, every day?  And yet, do you go to sleep every night replaying all of the "mistakes" you made throughout the day? 

You're not alone!  Millions of mothers feel like this.  And I'm here to make it stop.

You are amazing and you CAN do it all, it just takes some coaching and lots of practice. 

xo, Sarah



As a wife, a mom of 3 young ones, 2 pups, an owner of 2 Boutique Fitness Studios, and a Health Coach, I understand what it means to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. But over time, I've finally come to realize the importance of making time for yourself, your loved ones and the things that make your soul shine from the inside out. 

How my journey to wellness happened:

     I have always been a healthy and active person, and never had any health issues, but I have and will always be a workaholic.

     When I had baby #3, I quit my Corporate job so I could stay home with the kids, but that lasted just 6 months when I decided to open a Pilates studio. My 1st ever business venture. The studio was a dream come true, I'd finally found what I wanted to be when I grew up, but it was slowly taking over my life and my wellbeing. That 1 studio turned into 2, and then 3 within 2 years. I was busy but "managing".

     Without time for family or for self care, I slowly started to fall apart. Every day I was doing all parts of my life "just OK".  There was too much to juggle.  

     Via stress eating, I gained first 5, then 10, then 15lbs...in a YEAR (a bad look for a fitness instructor and owner). Serious back pain ensued from the extra weight. Oh, and then my hair started falling out (that was awesome). One studio was failing miserably. I didn't see my kids, I felt like an absentee mom even though the work I was doing was helping to provide for them, and my marriage struggled. And for what?? Finally when anxiety and depression took over I knew I had to make changes. It was time to start putting myself and my wellness first. The rest would follow.

     I saw a hormone specialist who found a severe B-12 deficiency (very common in women but can lead to poor nutrition and hair loss). I found a therapist to talk about my anxiety and depression about (who I still see monthly). My workouts took top priority because I was always more productive when I moved my body. Finally, I hired a nutritionist to get my eating habits and metabolism back on track (I've lost those 15 lbs!). Finally I hired a business coach to help keep me on track. I practice gratitude, manifesting and mindfulness every single day of my life. I am a different person for ALL of this.

I'm here to do all this and more for you. You deserve to live to your fullest capacity and fulfill all of your dreams. To be rid of stress and excess weight, and feelings of unworthiness. It's time to make time for you, while being the best at all you do! Work with me and you'll see the possibilities. 

xo, Sarah